How to become a millionaire... part [2]

It 's really possible to earn money online?

In the first part we have seen what the market offers, from the simplest to the most complex. Now let's see what is the reality of the market for a user who comes to this world ..  

Once the user enters into the search box of Google the keywords most common, from the simple keyword "earn", or "how to make money", "how to make money" (online or otherwise), results that are indexed in the SERP essentially offer three main areas of opportunity:

1) sites consist of a single page (for this so-called "mini-sites"), containing "salesletter" on which, through the use of words and graphics, is persuasively proposed sale of digital info-products that address one or more aspects of the "make money online". This is a sales approach "or wrong, or nothing"

2) an infinite number of blogs where the matter of "making money online" is discussed in popular and / or consulting on which you are asked to sign up for a mailing list through a squeeze-page information (often an opt-inpopover) in free exchange of information content (usually a report in pdf format or a series of video training). Below the user will receive a programmed series of e-mails which generally refer to articles posted on the blog, aimed at creating the necessary rapport blogger -user. Once such a trust deemed sufficient, however, will be offered the sale of one or more digital products for training on the gain on line. If you do not buy now, unless you do not delete the mailing list, there remains further contacted for further information and marketing proposals. Even if you buy, you will receive informational emails and other additional proposals upselling.

3) something similar to point 2, but the front-end product that is sold is a training program by subscribing to a membership in which there is a scheduled release of information in order to step-by-step user (any is the degree of general culture and technology) in terms of making money online, possibly using their passions and their talents.

In the scenario described above, the first great perplexity that's user intends to undertake an activity aimed to make money online is to choose to whom they deliver their trust in an industry that seems to have a market crowded with merchants shouting their stalls, proposing the "magic bullet" to make money online.
This is the first point at which the user can get stuck.

If the user decides to move to the next step, after making the difficult choice between the options (and who to follow as a model of training has chosen), often finds himself in a situation unfortunately does not meet its expectations. They obviously were originally those as quickly as possible to obtain complete information to start your own online business. Unfortunately, some objective factors holding back its expectations..

1) the nature of the undoubtedly complex matter that requires the mastery of a variety of skills ranging from technical aspects such as knowledge of the use of programs and platforms ability of web designers, SEO, SEM, and various methods of traffic building, FTP, hosting a cultural aspects as the ability to copywriting, and, the user is in a complex world for his knowledge? ...generally yes.

2) the scientific planning of the marketing funnel set up by the industry that inevitably, in one way or another, to slow growth and the final maturity of the students. The desire on the part of the vendor to keep a certain ignorance of the user, in order to sell more and more knowledge? Yes, unfortunately it is a perceived problem because it starts to be a selling point of their curriculum.

In conclusion we can say that the models applied in which the user is surfing are two: 
A -delivery impressive content also free and offers launch by infomarketer that push the user to the "syndrome of accumulation" (becomes a collector of infopordotti) in order to keep as much as possible in the "tunnel of learning." B -Or the reverse strategy used the membership, or the centellinazione of information to facilitate a gradual learning.

But, at this point, take the appropriate considerations is a difficult task and certainly not for me to do, I suggest just to avoid false chain network that will be more money invested than earned ... However, before joining, always check the credibility, reputation, by the Company or the Individual in question.

"Manual ironic for those who want to become millionaires in 2013" 
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