Collective intelligence, this innovation...

For those who see us move in packs, to consume the planet and kill each other, human beings may seem everything, except ... an intelligent community. The thesis of the existence of a collective intelligence emerges from the observation and the small groups, is of great civilizations. One idea would be to create platforms that allow groups of people connected to the computer to act more intelligently groups without computers and computers without people. Working Platforms or dynamic systems capable of gathering people together, facilitate them in interaction, concentrate the attention around a target, coordinate and motivate forces with explicit incentive systems. More over, the speed and complexity of the Web is a great challenge for those who want to understand the consequences of collective intelligence, the more difficult it is to fully understand the way in which the creative opportunities and cultural influence of the entire network and Internet will affect the ways of thinking and acting .

The world is a wonderfully paradoxical ... Paradoxical is the proliferation of individual experiences, the overcoming of the idea of equality, which is producing no less mapiù sharing. In today's connected world the new social media have expanded the network of relationships, evolution has turned into co-evolution.

Through this connective tissue metabolism, the world is increasingly revealing the absurdity of every self: it is in the report that everything enhances and expands. E 'in the knowledge that we are not all equal, but rather that each of us is an exception that create the conditions for greater sharing models. Because the network has authors and biographers themselves live, and you have open relationships, gaseous, dynamic, changeable, that you choose at any moment, that make us feel part of something bigger, but we are free to activate and turn them off as and when we want.

The hope is in the new generations 


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