The renovation project of a house in Liguria

The house in Liguria, recently completely restored, is a live-in gallery full of  Scandinavian and Brazilian design. The house is rented on a weekly base and the guests experience and interact directly with iconic furniture pieces. ( I find this proposal very innovative, it's like if the MOMA in NY would allow me to live in for a week! I had the chance to stay in Casa Leopoldo and I assure you it was great! We had had lunch on the Jacobsen table, I read a book on the Scapinelli chair, I was lying on a couch by Zalszupin, just to mention a few. I interacted with these objects and I've shared, for a short period of time, their story ... this feels good, no matter if you're a designer or not, what maters is to be surrounded by beautiful things. Everything else you can imagine by looking at these pictures....

 Good Job friends


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