The new trend, the designer wants to be a chef...

Today we share an interesting phenomenon, the designer becomes cook, or rather it feels and likes to prepare meals by inviting friends to make them share his culinary creativity. We are prey to Master Chef or other TV programs that disseminate the kitchen in all its aspectsBut as I have observed the designer or architect have a sophisticated presentation, but in the approach of the tastes I certainly leave perplexed. A good soldering or a perfect caramel is not only due to the creativity of the people, but proper use of ingredients and cooking temperature
All this a few times, however, is not considered, we rely more on the presentation that the real mixing of flavors in the dish. Who knows what to expect from restaurants run by chefs architects or designers, looking confused dishes with flavors of east and west, where it will end but the pasta noodles and tomatoes, or garlic and olive oil and red pepper?  
Even if you have a functional kitchen and sophisticated does not mean that the dishes are good and delicious ...
A toast cin cin... thank you.


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